4 thoughts on “Music

  1. We heard you on Lakeland radio today ( Thursday) and we were all excited that we knew you!!! Just listened to your songs too, we love them, particulary Purple Lake. Well done on your success so far, we are looking forward to hearing more from you……. Merry Christmas to your mum and dad too, love from Matt and Margaret Beresford, Oliver and georgia too!

  2. Evie, I love your voice and your music – CD courtesy of your granny last year. Especially love ‘ we can work this out’ but now have just heard ‘ jigsaw’ and love that too! You are so talented. I wish you lots of luck and shall be following your progress.
    from Sarah Hurcum

  3. Wow Evie- this is fantastic. Well done you. Sammi and I are really enjoying seeing you on Youtube via this website. Just got your CD too – brilliant. Love to you and all the family.

    Roland & Sammi

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